The Benefits of Ceramic Plates in Body Armor

Located in Rock Island, Illinois, RMA Supply is a business that sells defense equipment. The company was founded by a former U.S. marine and police officer and now includes a team of manufacturing, law, and marketing professionals. Today, RMA Supply is well known for its ceramic body armor.

A common discussion about ballistic plates found in body armor pertains to the benefits of ceramic over steel. Of the two, steel carries a heavier weight. While steel has the ability to sustain more hits when fired at with low grade ammunition, the bullets often ricochet or spall, causing increased safety hazards. In addition, the blunt force trauma is higher because the material absorbs the energy of the impact at a lower rate. Corrosion is also a factor when using steel body armor, despite the use of Teflon coating.

Ceramic plates, on the other hand, are lighter and allow bullets to penetrate further into the material. Its ability to “catch” the bullet and absorb the energy reduces the possibility of further injuries. In addition, ceramic plates are made up of many tiles that have been chemically bonded together for strength. When fired at, single tiles are damaged and therefore will not compromise the plate as a whole, therefore increasing the plate’s ability to withstand multiple shots.